SEXY HAIR Style Lock Pro Dryer (ea)

SEXY HAIR Style Lock Pro Dryer (ea)
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Product Descriptions

SEXY HAIR Style Lock Pro Dryer features is a highly versatile and effective dyer that features advanced Smart Lock Technology to lock in long-lasting style.*

Key Features

  • Ceramic Coating
  • Smart Sensor - automatically turns the dryer off when being put down and back on when picked up; can be turned on and off.
  • Ion On/Off
  • Cool Shot Feature

Key Benefits

  • helps emit non-damaging infrared heat
  • helps provide thermal protection by drying the hair quickly and efficiently
  • helps provide positive or negative ions for customized styling depending on hair type and desired results
  • helps seal the cuticle and enhance shine, while also controlling flyaways
  • helps to set, lock in and perfect blowouts

SEXY HAIR Style Lock Pro Dryer features is suitable for all hair types.


Positive Ions: By leaving the ion button "off", positive ions help create volume and enhance texture in the hair. Ideal for fine, thin hair. Negative Ions: By switching the ion button "on", negative ions break up water molecules, hydrating the hair and decreasing drying time while creating a smooth, sleek blowout. Ideal for thick, coarse and unruly hair.



* Individual Results May Vary