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1. Make any purchase at

Up to 12 points are automatically rewarded to your account for every dollar spent on a purchase, with the opportunity to enter customer tiers with more earning potential! Earned points are automatically deducted for canceled orders and product returns.

Customer Tiers Points Earned
Bronze Tier 10 points for every dollar spent
Silver Tier (upgraded at $500 spent) 11 points for every dollar spent
Gold Tier (upgraded at $1500 spent) 12 points for every dollar spent

2. Redeem points for products and E-Gift Cards

When you have enough points accumulated to redeem for a product or gift card, the option to purchase the product with reward points will display. Customer must be at least at the Silver Tier.

The purchase of products with rewards points creates a SINGLE order, with the selected product. COMPLEMENTARY shipping is included. Excludes all other offers.

E-Gift Cards are emailed to you immediately after redemption and can be used towards your next purchase. Coupons and E-Gift Cards can be combined.

You can get up to 6% back on your purchases!

*** In order to receive reward points, you must create an account or log in prior to checking out. ***

Points expire 1 year after they were earned.

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